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Pioneers of Digital Book Reviews and Coverage from 2012

2012 was a great year for us. We finished the book, we got through the editorial process, Kogan Page did a great job bringing the book to market on time in October and we have had lots and LOTS of really positive reviews and coverage including: USA Today – “Pioneers of Digital makes for compelling […]

Haiku Deck Sets Pioneers of Digital Free

We love new technology. We especially love simple, useful and beautiful technology. Click Anywhere to Advance Slides A current darling of the iPad App scene is Haiku Deck, a Seattle-based start up headed up by Adam Tratt. The tagline – “Set Your Story Free” – couldn’t be more apt as you scroll through our Pioneers […]

Pioneers of Digital is now PUBLISHED!

We’re pleased to announce that we are live on Amazon in both the UK and the US! Not sure there are too many better feelings than seeing your book “In Stock” on the world’s biggest retail website, so for now we’re both feeling pretty good! Thanks to those who have pre-ordered the book and to […]

Gurbaksh Chahal on ClickAgents, BlueLithium and RadiumOne

Number 9 in our Pioneer series reveal is Gurbaksh Chahal who has pioneered performance-based advertising three times over, learning valuable lessons on the way. His consistent successes with new technology make him an undisputed digital role-model. Chahal quit school to start his first company ClickAgents, a performance-based ad network which was sold after two years […]

Kyle McDonald and the Red Paperclip Trade Up

Next up in our Pioneer series reveal is Kyle McDonald who is an unconventional Pioneer. The mark he has made on Digital resulted from real-time split decisions and a belief in ‘the journey’ rather than pre-ordained objectives.  He became world-renowned as the ‘trade-up’ guy, who worked his way from one red paperclip (traded on Craig’s […]

Pioneers of Digital Now LIVE on Kindle UK

Amazon have flicked a switch and you can now pre-order your digital copy of the book so it downloads instantly next week when published in the UK. The launch date is 3rd October, with the US following on November 28th. If you have the slightest desire to get a copy then please pre-order now, as […]

Malcolm Poynton and Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

The 6th Pioneer in our reveal series is Malcolm Poynton, the inspirational Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy One (London) who brought the massive digital vision for Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty to life. The project’s global ambition required an approach to digital that had never been achieved before. Poynton, a New Zealander with plenty of […]

Zhang Minhui from China’s on Advertising to Half a Billion Users

Zhang Minhui is number five in our series….. in China has the largest combined search, social and entertainment portals in the world. With over 505 million internet users – more than the entire population of the USA – Sohu contains many of the world’s most populated sites. Zhang Minhui managed Sohu’s brand advertising and commercial […]

Denzyl Feigelson – Apple iTunes Visionary & Artists Without a Label Founder

Number 4 in our series is Denzyl Feigelson, the iTunes Store music visionary who came up with the 99c download and devised a way for Artists Without A Label to drive their own careers . In earlier careers, he helped African artists working with singer-songwriter Paul Simon to break the US and became the first […]