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Danny Sullivan – Helping Search Marketing Be “Legitimate and Valuable”

The third in our series of posts revealing our Pioneers of Digital is Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land. A trail-blazer in the very important but often misunderstood (and underutilized) area of digital – Search Engine Marketing – Danny fell into journalism and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through a burning passion to “understand things” by […]

Jess Greenwood from R/GA on Creativity & “Being Interested”

Last week we revealed Avinash Kaushik from Google as one of our Pioneers of Digital. Today, we’re pleased to say Jess Greenwood, formerly from Contagious Magazine and now at R/GA, also agreed to be interviewed about her fantastic work at the London-based magazine and the growth of the publication and off-shoot divisions as “must go […]

Avinash Kaushik from Google “A Magnificent Opportunity”

As we promised last week, from now until the book’s launch, we’ll be giving you a more detailed sneak peek into the Pioneers of Digital we chose to profile and why their contributions to digital have been so important. Today we kick off with Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist and author of hugely successful […]

The Future of TV via Ross Honey from Xbox

While is was in New York a couple of weeks ago for the Digital Content NewFronts, I finally got to meet Ross Honey who heads up advertising and entertainment on Xbox. Not only is he a great bloke (and an excellent presenter – he’ll be in Cannes with us for the advertising festival), he also […]

Book Interview: Optimize by Lee Odden from TopRankMarketing

One recurring theme in our book – Pioneers of Digital – centres around providing real value for customers on the web. More often than not, that value comes in the form of great content, but too many business owners and brands forget (or are unaware of) the nuts and bolts that, when put together, can […]

Mark Ronson & Katy B Move to the Beat of London 2012 with Coca-Cola Ad

Coca-Cola have been busy working on an Olympic London 2012 video spot. This just surface in my feed although it was launched in Feb. Applying Brits Mark Ronson and Katy B’s musical tones to a backdrop of sounds of Olympians doing their thing, makes for a stunning visual feast for the eyes as well. Two […]

Invisible Mercedes F-CELL Hydrogen Fuel Video

A fabulous example of outdoor plus digital creating buzz on and offline. This Mercedes video has approaching 9 million views on YouTube at the time of publishing this post. Notice it’s just 90 seconds long. Probably about the best length for this kind of film to get people engaged and watch all the way through. […]

Follow Pioneers of Digital on Twitter

We wouldn’t be doing it right if we weren’t using Twitter to help market the book so we have an account there, as well as on Facebook. Take a peek at who we’re following and it’ll give you some idea who we profile in the book. The full list will be revealed over the next […]

Pioneers of Digital on Facebook

Don’t forget you can find us sharing all sorts of digital morsels on our Pioneers of Digital Facebook Page. Give it a “like” and you won’t miss any of our updates. We’ll also be slipping in blog posts and other tidbits like videos as and when we have them ready….which will be soon! Mel & […]