About Kogan Page

Kogan Page is a leading independent global publisher of business books at all levels encompassing the fundamentals of business, practical guidance and cutting-edge business topics. They publish some of the world’s foremost authors in business publishing from academic prize-winners to worldwide trade best-sellers.

Kogan Page has built its reputation through excellence across all key areas in business publishing including: Management and Leadership, Sales Marketing and PR, Human Resource Management and Coaching, Finance and Investment, Strategy and Risk, Small Business, and Logistics and Transport. Through its well-established Education and Skills and Careers and Development products, Kogan Page offers expert advice to the consumer from their formative education to a thriving career, from successfully finding their first job to developing their professional knowledge so they can realize their career ambitions.

They have offices in London, Philadelphia and New Delhi and a network of agents and representatives provide distribution worldwide. Their strong presence in international markets is consolidated by their regular attendance at the London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, BookExpo (New York), World Book Fair (New Delhi), Beijing Book Fair and many more international sales events. Kogan Page has dedicated rights and licensing staff selling both translation and digital rights and many of their titles can be found in translation throughout the world including China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, the EU and the Middle East.

Kogan Page holds strong relationships in the UK and internationally with retail outlets in the high street; airports and train stations; academic campus stores; Amazon and other online booksellers; wholesalers and library suppliers. These relationships are maintained through their in-house key account staff and field sales team and agents who regularly visit shops and institutions worldwide.

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