Gurbaksh Chahal on ClickAgents, BlueLithium and RadiumOne


Number 9 in our Pioneer series reveal is Gurbaksh Chahal who has pioneered performance-based advertising three times over, learning valuable lessons on the way. His consistent successes with new technology make him an undisputed digital role-model.

Chahal quit school to start his first company ClickAgents, a performance-based ad network which was sold after two years for a reported $40m.  His second venture BlueLithium centred on behavioural targeting, and attracted the attention of much larger search networks within two years of its launch. It was eventually acquired by Yahoo for $300m.  Chahal has since applied lessons learnt from his first two ventures to RadiumOne, which captures real time audience data and utilises newly available audience tracking technologies. In 2012 RadiumOne was valued at over £500m

In Pioneers of Digital, Chahal retraces the key principles behind each company, explaining how he capitalised on technologies of the day and when he knew the time was right to sell.

Pioneers of Digital has launched in the UK and will be available on November 28th in the US – buy your copy now and check back soon for the next ‘reveal’.


Mel & Paul

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