99 Cent/Pence Kindle Book Sale >> Buy Pioneers of Digital on Amazon (Limited Time Only!)

There comes a time when you have to just spread the love, and today is that time (albeit for a limited time only)!


Today we’re announcing a Flash Sale on Amazon’s Kindle platform, where readers can pick up a digital copy of the book for just 99 cents or 95 (ish) pence plus tax.

We felt that because we’ve had such wonderful reviews, and the great feedback from us speaking about the Pioneers in the UK, US, China and the Middle East, has been so heartfelt, we wanted to spread that good feeling and teamed up with our publisher, Kogan Page, to drop the price of the digital version on Kindle to 99 cents or pence (plus tax).

Writing this book was never about the money for Paul and I. It’s always been about telling the fantastic stories behind some of the most smart and entrepreneurial digital business people and internet advocates in the world.

We hope you’ll help us share the love by sharing this post and forwarding it within your organizations.

Click on the links below for the special offers:


Pioneers of Digital – 99 Cents on Kindle US


Pioneers of Digital – 99p + VAT on Kindle UK

And thanks again for all your support!


Mel Carson and Paul Springer

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