About Mel Carson

Mel Carson

Before launching his Modern Marketing, Branding and Digital PR firm – Delightful Communications – Mel’s 7 year role as Digital Marketing Evangelist at Microsoft Advertising, was to build relationships within the online advertising community by supporting and educating through the Microsoft Advertising Blog, evangelizing through social media, writing and by speaking about internet marketing and digital at conferences, trade shows & other events.

Delightful Communications helps businesses and individuals understand and successfully apply strategies that focus on Social Media Strategy, Digital PR and Personal Branding Consulting.

He began his digital advertising career as an editor at the search engine LookSmart in 2000, spending time at 24/7 Search as an Account Director before moving to Microsoft in 2005. He was part of the team that planned & executed the UK roll-out of Microsoft adCenter in August 2006, and it didn’t take much persuasion for Mel to help set up Microsoft Advertising’s Community Team that same year, when it became apparent that Social Media Marketing was going to be huge.

Mel is a digital marketing & personal branding keynote speaker and has spoken about Digital Marketing, Search, Social Media and adCenter at conferences and events in the UK, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Reykjavik, Dublin, Barcelona & Tenerife. He has also lectured on MBA, MSc and online marketing courses, advising syllabus decision makers at Cranfield School of Management and Birkbeck College – part of London University.

He’s author of the critically acclaimed Pioneers of Digital and Introduction to Personal Branding, played the “Young Joe Cocker” in the rock legend’s 1997 music video “N’Oubliez Jamais” with France cinema icon, Catherine Deneuve, and is a driving force behind the #MajesticInSpace Project which aims to 3D print the first advertisement on the International Space Station.

To learn more about Mel visit: MelCarson.com ~ @MelCarson ~ Mel on LinkedIn

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