New UK Event: Marketing Trends with Kogan Page and The British Library

With Pioneers of Digital launching in the UK next week, co-author, Paul Springer, will be at the British Library with a host of other marketing experts talking about the book during an event organised by our publisher Kogan Page on Friday 5th October.

The trends discussed will be as follows:


Joeri Van den Bergh from Insites Consulting and author of HOW COOL BRANDS STAY HOT will take you behind the scenes of the brand strategies of Nokia, H&M, Levis, and Coca-Cola to reveal how to maintain your edge with the savviest generation ever.


Paul Springer will unpick the DICHOTOMY OF A DIGITAL PIONEER. Paul and the co-author of his book Pioneers of Digital traversed the globe interviewing the people who made the internet what it is today. From Stephen Fry to’s June Cohen, from UK Digital chamption Martha Lane Fox to key names at Google, Microsoft and Facebook (plus the man who traded a paperclip for a house and Burger King’s ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign *ahem*) Paul will be breaking down what it takes to innovate in the digital marketing space.


As marketing and media professionals we all keep getting told we need to produce more content. But if everyone is producing more content, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? And how do you make people act upon it? Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton will be here to help you identify what makes VALUABLE CONTENT in a world awash with information.


Hollywood movie studios, Icelandic investment banks, British chocolate bars and Middle Eastern airlines all figure amongst writer and brand-builder Simon Pont‘s time on the inside of Adland. In WHEN FICTION BLEEDS he’ll be taking a look at transmedia storytelling and how brands are blurring the lines between platforms (and sometimes even reality) to go viral, honing in on the Prometheus campaign which put transmedia theory into spectacular practice.

If you’re interested in going, visit the invitation page and contact us if you want a special 50% discount code as well!

Thanks and enjoy Paul’s and the other speakers’ talks. 


Paul and Mel

P.S. You can pre-order your copy of the book here too!

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