Vanessa Fox Featured in the Book – Pioneers of Digital

 Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox

Former Google product manager and celebrated online marketing and business strategist most revered as a search engine optimization expert, Vanessa Fox is a programmer, author, tech columnist and the driving force behind Google Webmaster Tools. Now founder of Seattle-based web consultancy Nine By Blue.

Here’s an excerpt from the Vanessa Fox chapter in the book:

“After graduating from the University of the Pacific, Fox’s first job was to use a word processor to write company operational memos, print off 500 copies and put each of them in staff pigeon holes. In order to utilize her skills and passion for writing with more profitable results, Fox turned to marketing and engaged with tech companies as a way of quenching her burgeoning programming inquisitiveness.

Spending so much time with programmers, documenting their work and making the information accessible meant that she started to pick up her first computer languages. Fox soon learnt to write her own code simply by applying what she’d seen from those around her.

Fox then took this a step further and started to build what she calls a ‘unique set of experiences’. By combining her love of writing with her new-found technical know-how, she was able to start improving user experiences by helping make connections which today might seem so obvious, but in 1995 didn’t exist because most programmers simply didn’t think that way.”

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